Group Experiences! Nature Connection Activities!

Bear Hideout with a Ranger 240 eur

Certified ranger, transport *The observatory is reached by a hike through the forest

Feel Noble 270 eur

Guide, transport, tickets, lunch, wine tasting Full day activity, ~1hr30 drive to the location

Float in a Cable Car 100 EUR

Return tickets & transport

River Rafting 300 eur

All the equipment, rafting guide, lunch, transportCapacity: 4-7 people. The drive to the river location is ~1hr30

Electric bikes & Nature 255 eur

Apache bikes for Adults/Children above 140cm, guide, lunch, safety helmet, water, transport

Offroad 4*4 295 eur

Guide, 4*4 car, water, transport, ~5 hrs

UTV Offroad 260 eur

A certified guide, safety helmets, transport, ~3-4 hrs ATV- 260 eur (single rider) UTV- 400 eur (double rider)

Vampires & Dinosaurs 210 eur

Tickets. guide, transport *expect the Castle to be a busy experience

A man, a horse & a farm 450 eur

A certified trainer, safety helmets, lunch, transport Duration: 3 hrs (plus lunch) Children: 7 yrs and above

Transylvania Wings 500 eur

the experience, transport *The aerodrome offers skydiving as well

Vampires & Bears 255 eur

Guide, tickets, transport *Libearty can also be visited with a private dedicated guide just for you

Feel Medieval 235 eur

guided tour, lunch, horse & carriage, transport *Full day activity, ~1hr30 drive between places