Family Experiences 6 Days of fun and relaxation!

A flexible & mindful itinerary created for families with children, meant to de stress the parents and entertain the little ones, while creating beautiful memories together.

Welcome, Day 1

We have a selection of private lodges scattered around the peaceful mountain landscape, where you can slow down and find yourself in the surrounding peace.

Electric Bikes & Nature
DAY 2 | Option 1

We start the adventure by hopping onto electric bikes and together with an experienced guide, we go on a small adventure through remote villages, where the time stood still.

Horse Riding in the Wild
DAY 2 | Option 2

Enjoy spectacular landscapes from the back of a horse. The route will take you through forest paths and valleys where you might encounter deer's, foxes, birds and other friendly inhabitants of the area.

Vampires & Dinosaurs
DAY 3 | Option 1

An exciting visit of the Dracula Castle | Bran Castle with an afternoon exploration into the Jurassic Park of Transylvania land, we will take a trip into history, by visiting the biggest Dinosaur Amusement Park in Eastern Europe.

Real Bears & Vampires
DAY 3 | Option 2

A very special visit at the bears reservation, where u can see the most famous and big bear in Europe, Carpathian brown bear. An exciting visit of the Dracula Castle | Bran Castle - Vampire Vlad the Impaler

Wild Bear Observatory with a Ranger
DAY 4 | Option 1

Create memories of a lifetime by spending the afternoon in the company of a Ranger in a safe observatory in the forest, where there is a 90% chance of spotting mama bears with cubs, wild boars, deer's and all sorts of birds.

Wolf Park Adventure & Amusement
DAY 4 | Option 2

A morning spent at Wolf Park Adventure is an effective means for personal development, increased self-confidence and great fun.

Great experience for children and parents!

Medieval Transylvania, Brasov Surroundings
Day 5

We’ll spend the afternoon strolling around the beautiful streets of Brasov city and its medieval architecture, joined by a private Guide, ready to tell you stories from the past of this amazing city.

Departure Day 6

We are heading to the airport for the return journey.

The time to pack the bags after a very joyful and interesting trip in Transylvania.